You want inspiration? Here he is

If, like myself, you live with a chronic debilitating condition, you will know how it feels to need to completely re-evaluate your life, your dreams, your purpose and the meaning to your life. You will also probably have experienced grief for the lifestyle you once had.

However, there comes a time when the pain of living like that becomes so painful, you find a breakthrough, one that turns your whole philosophy of life on it’s head. Often, that comes from hearing or meeting someone who has experienced far more serious challenges, and makes you realise actually how very blessed you are. It may not take away the illness, but many report a drastic improvement in symptoms when you develop a positive mental attitude.

At 2 years old, Sam Berns was diagnosed with the rare disease progeria, which causes rapid aging and various other side effects. However, these challenges could not stop Sam from living a happy life. About three months before he passed away, 17-year-old Sam Berns gave this speech explaining his strategies for beating obstacles.

In my opinion, Sam’s touching, emotion-filled speech has fulfilled one of Sam’s dreams, which was to make a difference in the world.

Sam’s 3 keys to happiness:

1. Turn your ‘can’t do’s’ into ‘CAN DO’s’

2. Be with people you WANT to be with

3. Keep moving FORWARDS

Please watch the video for Sam’s BONUS keys and, more importantly, to FEEL the inspiration of his message.

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