Wishing on a Star – FREE Hypnotic Meditation

WISHING-ON-A-STARI am a huge fan of daily meditations to help calm, relax and balance me. I prefer guided meditations to the silent meditations and have quite a large library of them now.

Some of my absolute favourites are by Collin Rosati, Director of Hypnosis Vancouver. He has the loveliest, calmest voice of any hypnotist I have ever heard, and never fails to relax me.

If you sign up for his newsletter at http://hypnosisvancouver.com you will receive a new one for FREE each month. The one I have just received in my email is called Romantic Magic – Wishing on a Star, and really is as beautiful as it sounds. I am feeling so blissed out right now 😀

P.S. I just discovered that Collin ‘Sonny’ Rosati has an associated website, with a blog, where you can listen and download some free meditations direct from the site here, without the need to enter your details, although I’m sure you will want his newsletter and more audios after hearing him. Happy listening 😀

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