The Universe Speaks …


Earth? Where every day you get a fresh start, Di, every thought brings you closer, every word makes you more, every decision is the right one, every baby step makes it easier, every smile makes it happier, and, every tree knows your name. 

Plus, I got you, babe –
The Universe


I get these wonderful messages delivered to my inbox every day. They are always inspiring, feel-good and personalized. Lovely messages to start my day and even carry around in my pocket. They feel so intuitive, like they were written just for me.

Many successful entrepreneurs and celebrities are fans of Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe:

“Notes from the Universe remind me I’m a part of something much bigger and that my dreams are constantly being realized. I love them! Thanks Mike!”

– Jason Mraz,Singer/Songwriter

They are completely free and you can sign up for them at

P.S. Just so you know, I do not receive any compensation whatsoever from recommending this. I do it for love, I love them and I know you will too 😀

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    1. Oh thank you Bart for your lovely comment 🙂
      I have visited your article too even though ‘being a girl’ (gotta drop that belief 😀 ) I wasn’t sure an astronaut article would be my kind of thing, lovely article about living in the moment, believing in your dreams. Thank you 😀
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