The ABC game for adults

The ABC game for adults

This is just so simple, even an adult can play it 😀

We most often think of this as a children’s game, using it simply to teach the alphabet. But it’s a really good tool adults can use too, and of course please play it with your children; the earlier they can learn this fun version, the happier life they will have.

This game can move you from a ‘bleurgh’ frame of mind to a more positive one, an improved energy vibration, really quickly. Think of the most good-feeling words you can beginning with each letter of the alphabet, and really focus on the word and how it feeeeeeeels in your body. According to Abraham-Hicks, what you focus on for 68 seconds is on it’s way to you, and what can be better than the feeling of pure positive emotion.

abcA – Awesome
B – Bliss
C – Creative
D – Delicious
E – Ease
F – Fun
G – Glorious
H – Heavenly
I – Inspiring
J – Juicy
K – Kisses
L – Laughing
M – Magical
N – Nourishing
O – Ooooodles
P – Playful
Q – Quiet
R – Relief
S – Soothing
T – Tantalising
U – Uplifting
V – Vortex (this one makes most sense to Abraham-Hicks fans)
W – Wonderful
X – EXciting (you may have to cheat with this one. it’s allowed)
Y – Yummy
Z – Zesty

You don’t have to think of just one word. You can stay on each letter for as long as you are coming up with words that move you into your good-feeling place. You can play it with family and friends. A great place to play it is if you’re stuck in traffic, as I always find if I stop myself getting frustrated and begin to think good thoughts, it’s amazing how quickly the traffic clears.

If you play it when you’re already feeling good, it helps you really milk that good feeling and adds momentum to the manifestation of amazing events.

You don’t even have to use real words if you prefer to make up your own, as long as they feel good and get you laughing. I played this game with my friend Heather, who uses gobbledygook as a way to distract her mind from negative thoughts, and for Q she came up with ‘Quiddly diddly quoromungous quantitude’. The important thing is to have FUN 😀

Here’s Abraham-Hicks’ description of the ABC game:

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