The £100 game

£100gameHow do you activate the energy of abundance in your life? Especially when it can be quite hard to feel abundant.

As we know, wealth and abundance are created in your mindset before they appear in your wallet.

The thought of ‘I can’t afford that’ is a low energy vibration, and attracts more things that you can’t afford.

Here is a little game you can use to change your thoughts and mindset from one of ‘I can’t afford it’, to ‘I could have that if I want’.

Put £100 in your wallet or purse or pocket. Don’t worry if you have it earmarked for something else. You’re not going to spend it. If you don’t actually have £100, print out some pictures of the notes/bills, or buy some of those napkins or tissues you can get that look like money, they’re only a few pennies to buy if you can find them. The important thing is that you can ‘pretend’ they are real money that you can spend.

Go on a universal spending spree. Walk around the stores. Look at things you like and could buy with your £100, and just say to yourself things like ‘I can have that’, ‘I could buy that’, ‘That will look great on me’, ‘I can afford that’, ‘I have the money to buy that’.

Get the feeeeeeeling of abundance, that you could buy those things if you chose to. Even if you come home having not actually bought anything, you still have £100, but most of all you will feel better. You could have mentally ‘spent’ your £100 one hundred times, meaning you have spent £10,000 in one day. You will have moved your abundance mindset to a positive one of possibility rather than a negative one of lack, and you may quickly see evidence of your improved energy vibration, possibly in the form of an unexpected windfall. When you do see some evidence, remember to say ‘Thank you universe’ and relish the feeling of gratitude to keep that vibration active.

Exercise inspired by Abraham-Hicks.

3 thoughts on “The £100 game”

  1. What a wonderful idea! I think I’ll give it a try actually, just for the fun of it 😉

    But isn’t there a risk here? What if at the end of the day you think: ‘That was great; too bad it wasn’t real and that I can’t have all that’? That would sort of ruin the entire exercise, wouldn’t you say? So it takes some mental effort to stay in that happy mindset. Releasing your inner child would probably help, I think. Children are great at make-believe.
    Bart Schroeven recently posted…A day full of joy, faith, love and graceMy Profile

    1. You’re absolutely correct Bart. If you allow your negative thoughts to come back up and dismiss what you’ve been doing, you will knock all those goodies that you’ve been lining up with right back out of your energy field. But if you can continue vibing high and go to bed that night thinking “That was really fun, think i’ll go and spend another £10k tomorrow” you will maintain the positive energy flow, and you WILL see positive results.
      And yes, children are great at make-believe, could that be why they often get what they want?
      Thank you for your great question 😀
      Dynamo Di recently posted…Turn your can’t do’s into can do’sMy Profile

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