Your Spiritual Support System

Your Spiritual Support System

spiritual support, support system, spiritual support system, hay houseYou’ve got the power to feel vibrant, healthy and happy!

You don’t have to go your journey alone.

No matter how strong you are, every once in a while, you need someone to lean on. And when it comes to making real shifts in your life…sometimes it feels like you need more than a person, you need a village of support to help you stay on track.

Surrounding yourself with people who know how you feel because they are on the same path is one of the best ways to reach and maintain any goal you have. A Hay House author, Gabrielle Bernstein, suggests in Miracles Now, “Find your spiritual community. Open your mind, spirit and social media stream to receive a spiritual running buddy of your own.”

You can connect with others for support and continue to share your personal journey long after the Summit ends. When you join this 10 day online webinar, you gain instant access to other people, just like you, who want to connect, share and improve all areas of their lives – a spiritual community you can tap into anytime for what you need most to stay on track.

Hay House truly wants you to feel great about the journey in discovering new ideas and developing new tools while also connecting with new friends along the way who can offer support and encouragement when you need it most. Plus, this community gives you a chance to be a spiritual running buddy for others as well, which always feels great!

And you don’t have to absorb or listen to every single lesson! Another great tip from Gabrielle’s book, Miracles Now, is when it comes to setting goals or making changes in your life, “Keep it simple. Go Slow. Be the Happy Learner.” Simply choose one main area to focus on and make that change consistent over the next 10 days. Then, when you feel ready, you can build on the small successes over time and create radical shifts that bring daily peace and happiness to your life. Be gentle with yourself when you falter and pat yourself on the back when you succeed – and most importantly, share what you learn with others!

gabrielle bernstein, meditation, spiritual supportWhat you’ll learn during the World Summit:

• Meditation for modern times
• Practical tips for attracting abundance and prosperity
• Shed pounds WITHOUT dieting
• New scientific discoveries in the mind/body connection
• Reveal your true purpose using The Passion Test

Join the Hay House World Summit and Facebook Community to feel:

• Supported, more hopeful and more able to take control of your life and your health.
• More in touch with your intuition, happier, and more motivated to make food and thought changes to enhance your sense of well-being and unlock your inner vibrancy. And you’ll feel more connected to others sharing in the same journey.
• Inspired, capable, and deserving to pursue what matters most to you. You’ll feel this way because you’ll learn to listen to your inner guidance system and how to call forth your guardian angels.
• A sense of freedom and weightlessness that will be completely new to you ? you’ll see how your new positive thoughts and daily habits bring more good into your life each and every day. Your mind will be open to new possibilities for making money, finding a compatible partner, and giving yourself permission to be, do and have what you really want.

We’re all about sharing the love! So, if you know anyone who needs a little lift and community support, we encourage you to share the Hay House World Summit!
Join us for 10 days to feel your way to more love, more joy and more abundant energy!

Keep learning for years to come!

Due to the overwhelming response to last year’s World Summit packages, Hay House is offering similar packages for this year’s Summit, but with even MORE GREAT CONTENT and BETTER BONUSES!

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• Digital Downloads of all audio interviews
• PDF transcripts and worksheets

PLUS, Enjoy Bonus Gifts valued at over $394!

You won’t believe the huge bonuses they’re throwing in this year with the Change Your Life package!

Here’s what people said about last year’s World Summit:

“It made me really understand my journey and what I was doing and the purpose of it. It really explained a lot for me and gave me so much encouragement… that I’m on the right track.” —Arlene

“This was amazing. So many practical tools that can help me connect with my intuition on a deeper level for the answers I seek. It came just at the right time and reminded me to listen to my gut.” —Orly

“Best talk I have heard out of the 25 years I have listened so far. This is info everyone needs to know. Life saving and life enhancing! Thank you.” —Felice

“Wonderful stuff coming from deep insight and compassion. Material to mull over for months and years to come. Thank you for opening these doors for us.” —Charlaine

“There were so many messages in the interview with Doreen Virtue that spoke so clearly to me. It touched many aspects in my life that are occurring in this present moment. I felt like I was meant to listen to this. I can’t even begin to describe the clarity this one interview has brought to my life.” —Monique

“Wow! This interview was so inspiring. I love Iyanla’s raw truth. I also loved her explanation that we are constantly tested at the level we need to learn, because we didn’t get it again!! Thank you so very much!” —Lyn

“I shed a few tears, laughed and experienced a real ‘ah ha’ moment that will help me step forward in life. THANK YOU.” —Marnie

“Loved it. It was really nice learning about the science of my body and helping me learn how to best treat it.” —Charlotte on Donna Gates interview

“First of all I thank Hay House for bringing such beautiful souls together. You have actually created a paradise of angels who are so loving, caring and willing to share their knowledge through this forum. God Bless!” —Sheetal

“I now know what I need to practice and focus on. Just brilliant.” —Eternal A.

“I am in awe of this summit and amazed at what I’ve learned and how to see a different view. There are so many wonderful people from Hay House who have been inspiring and no matter where you are on your journey, there is always something new to learn.” —Lucinda

“I experienced tears of OMG, we can choose and BE living here. Nothing will remain the same for me; it just gets better! And I thank you for that awakening.” —Anne

Your Spiritual Support System

Would You Like to Know The Secret?

secretSomething spectacular happened when I made the decision that my life had to change and I stopped taking all the prescribed pain medications. My thought energy changed. It spurred in me a strong desire. The neuro-connections in my brain started firing off in all different directions. And the Universe, my Guardian Angels, God, whatever you want to think of it as, all conspired to help me make it happen.

I don’t have any particular religious beliefs. I always believed in spirituality rather than ‘formal religions’, and I am really enjoying learning about where science meets spirituality. I don’t NEED anyone to prove spirituality to me, but I am fascinated by the scientific discoveries now being made. I’m no scientific expert but it is making more sense to me as I progress through my journey.

You can also choose what you want to believe in. You will differ in your beliefs from many, and probably most, others but you’re not wrong whatever you choose. There are as many arguments for as against in the realms of science, spirituality, religion. I only know what works for me. Think about it: do you need to know how electricity works to be able to flick a switch to turn on a light? No, you don’t. You only know it works, and that’s enough.

So, I ended up in the hospital surrounded by inspiring ladies who made me laugh. There was no avoiding them. I was still in a lot of pain, but I was laughing, which I realised I hadn’t done for probably a year or more. Again, new thoughts, new actions, new neuro-connections. Endorphins began kicking in. By the end of the week, I was feeling somewhat better and most importantly, more hopeful. I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I came home from hospital and felt like reading or watching something. I spotted a copy of a film, and remembered being given it by a physio I had visited for treatment in Spain some eighteen months previously, but I had never watched it. I had no idea even what it was about. With hindsight, he must have realised that my negative thoughts of pain were impacting on me, and was inspired to give me this copy.

Well, I sat and watched and felt completely inspired by it. Something just resonated within me so strongly.

I thought, it wasn’t just good luck that put me in that hospital room with those wonderful ladies that made me laugh. I had realised a desire to change, to get better. I had sent that strong request out to the Universe, and it had led me to the perfect place to begin the process. When I returned home, on a better energy frequency, it led me to watch this film.

This life-changing film is The Secret. It is about something called the Law of Attraction. It explains that basically we are like magnets. What we focus on attracts more of that. So I had been focussed on ill health and pain and what did I get? More of that! When I became more hopeful, I attracted more reasons to feel hopeful.

It works with everything. Focussing on debt or poverty? Here’s more of that. Focussing on broken relationships? There you go, you can have more of those too!

But the beauty lies in when you focus on the good stuff. Start feeling hopeful and here you are, more things to make you feel a bit better. Sit and count your blessings, oh here are so many more blessings for you.

What I realised was that when I changed how I thought about my circumstances, I saw more evidence that what I thought became my reality. It manifested before my eyes.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change
Dr Wayne Dyer

For instance, I had not been able to work for about 2 years. I was living on a very low income from sickness insurance, and it was not enough for me to pay all my bills and eat healthy nutritious food. Obviously my thoughts were poverty-focused. When I made the effort to change my focus I thought, I’m lucky that I have not been able to work, but I still have my safe home, and I have enough to eat, and I am able to manage my basics, things can only get better.

Almost immediately, reality shifted. I got not one but TWO tax rebates. I received two cheques from a credit card company who had accidentally overcharged interest on my accounts some 3 or 4 years previously, which I had no idea about. My sickness pay got reassessed and I was entitled to a higher amount, plus an award of back payments. I was able to bring my bills up to date, and this relief made it much easier for me to think better thoughts.

Life has continued to improve. Of course, it has it’s dips and challenges, but I realise that all I need to do is recalibrate and send out, in the correct way, that new desire borne from the challenge.

I will enjoy sharing more of my awesome experiences with you, demonstrating how a change in thought and energy frequency alters actual reality.

Watch the first 20 minutes of The Secret for FREE here:

You can purchase a full copy here:
The Secret DVD UK Version
The Secret DVD US Version

The Secret is also available in all book formats, including Kindle and audiobook versions:
The Secret Books in the UK
The Secret Books in the US

Here is a gift to you from The Secret. It is an amazing visualisation tool. Watch it, daily if you can, and it will make you feel instantly better. Thank you for reading 🙂


(Disclaimer: I am not recommending you immediately stop taking prescribed medications. Mine were mainly for pain control, and not required to keep vital organs working. Please check with your doctor.)