Is Your Food Hurting You?

Is your food hurting you?

is your food hurting you, food addiction, chemicals in foodI realised why I have had a PROPER chocolate binge day today – because I stopped drinking cows milk several days ago.

The body will often crave things which we give up, especially if they are not good for us, because it has become ADDICTED to the bad stuff and chemicals in it, in the case of cows milk all the vaccines and antibiotics that are pumped into the cows.

I have noticed, even in a few days of not drinking cows milk, the eczema on my hands clearing up, which I have long suspected is caused by dairy. To me, eczema or any other manifestation on the outside is only the outspill of not good stuff on the inside. And goodness knows what’s going on on the inside.

I have suspected dairy for quite a long time, in fact I had fairly strong evidence to support my suspicion. However, I have struggled to find a suitable alternative. There are alternatives out there, but I tried several of them and found I didn’t like them in a cup of tea, or on cereal. You can get soya, almond, hazelnut, rice milk etc. but I think I have found one that satisfies my needs and taste buds in coconut milk.

If you have health issues, listen to your body, question its cravings and addictions, what you think you love to eat could be the very thing that’s hurting you. It could be anything from chinese food to soda drinks to chewing gum.

Common culprits are things like MSG, used to enhance the flavour of food, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, and many more.

Start checking your labels. The less chemicals in a food, the better it will be for you.

If you really crave a food, you can bet your bottom dollar it has something in it that’s not very good for you. After all, when was anyone addicted to an apple or an avocado? By the way, they would be exceptionally good things to try and become addicted to!

It can be difficult to give up food we think we enjoy eating, but if we make a conscious decision to love our bodies, we can ask ourselves “Do I really want to give my lovely body this thing which will hurt it?”.

Would you do that to a loved one? Why do it to yourself?

Is your food hurting you?

10 Days to Feel Great!

10 Days to Feel Great!

It’s not always easy to decide what is best or which path to take.

One of Louise Hay’s favorite affirmations is:
Trust in Life. It will bring you all that you need.

Throughout her writings, she reminds us that the key to trusting in Life is to love and accept yourself as you are and to never stop learning.

You can experience peace, trust and joy every day by doing these three simple things:

  1. feel great, hay house world summit 2014Love yourself
  2. Learn continuously
  3. Help others

Wouldn’t you like to feel more…

  • Loved and appreciated
  • Happy and fulfilled
  • Excited about your life
  • Trust that Life will take care of you
  • Worthy and deserving of having all you want
  • Connected to your loved ones
  • Energetic and youthful
  • Supported by the Universe
  • In control of your life

Let’s find out what’s really holding you back from feeling exactly the way you want.

Here’s a quick exercise to help you uncover your hidden beliefs that could be getting in the way of your health and happiness:

Ask: How do I feel about myself?

Write all of your thoughts on paper and read them out loud.

How many were positive?
How many were negative?

Don’t get caught up in judging how many thoughts were negative.  Just being aware of the negative beliefs you hold inside is very powerful!

And you know what’s even more powerful?  Turning all of those negative beliefs into positive statements.

For example, take this negative thought:  “I’ll never make enough money.” 

And try saying this instead: “I always have everything I need.” Or “I always have more than enough.”  Or “I make plenty of money.” Use whichever positive statement resonates with you.

Guess what happens once you change your thoughts and truly love and accept yourself?

Good things start happening because you feel good about yourself.

But, it’s easier said than done, right? It’s often difficult to know how to get started.

We can help you take the first step. The techniques, lessons and insightful new thinking we are sharing this year in the Hay House World Summit is exactly what you need to feel better about yourself and to feel more connected, more loved and more at peace so that you can attract more GOOD into your life!

Even if you don’t have time to listen to every speaker each day, you can choose one speaker or topic that interests you and make the most out of that lesson. You’ll be amazed how much can change just from one lesson!

Register now for the Hay House World Summit and start learning new ways to feel loved, worthy and valuable!

You might be thinking you’ve heard it all already or the World Summit might work for other people, but won’t help you. Guess what? Those are all the types of thoughts you need to be aware of and ask yourself, are these thoughts really true?

We all have unique stories and circumstances that shape our lives, but the path to peace and happiness is always the same: learn, love and help others. It’s really that simple.

Beginning May 31st through June 9th, come along with us for a heart opening journey in discovering new healing methods, exploring your creative side, igniting your passion and feeling better than you ever imagined!

10 Days to Feel Great!  

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

In this speech, Kamal Ravikant shares some wisdom on why self-love is really what truly matters in life. He then goes on to talk about the importance of truly loving yourself.

This is a raw, honest, 20-minute video summary of how a highly successful entrepreneur and investor was forced to re-evaluate his life. Kamal beautifully connects the left-brained world of Silicon Valley, with the world of the heart.

love yourself, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, kamal ravikantIn his book, Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It, Kamal talks about how not loving yourself causes crippling depression, even if the outside world sees someone successful. Kamal goes on to teach how to reconnect with your authentic self, realising what is truly important in life, and how being true to yourself can bring you back to unbreakable success.

Find Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It at and

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Symptoms are a sign: they help you back on track

Symptoms are a sign: they help you back on track

Symptoms are a signEven positive thinkers go through some tough times, and I don’t mind admitting that I’ve had a pretty crappy several months. Everybody has them, the key to being positive is to think, “So what can I learn from this to help me move forward?”.

My energy level dipped so low, and I have seen and felt this reflected in just about all areas of my life: health, home, finances and personal relationships. I have really beaten myself up even further at times because with all I have learned the last few years, I tell myself I should know better. “It’s easy Di, just keep laughing,” I tell myself, but then the laughing stopped, until I hated myself for feeling so self-pitying.

Many people feel low over the winter months, and I have come to realise by my own experience how much more this can affect people with chronic pain and illness, for whom the cold and dark winter months become so much more isolating.

I have made so much more effort during the summer months to build up my energy levels – eat well, socialise as much as possible, take meditative time out in nature – that it came as a shock to me just how far my energy dipped this winter. I was doing really well until September when, for medical reasons, I lost my driving licence for a few months, which led to me being confined to the house much more than usual. It took some much appreciated effort from my doctor to retrieve it. However, the stress did me no favours and I felt the downward spiral, from which I didn’t recover too well. I have written about these downward and upward spirals previously and how they work in our lives, but even I was really struggling with it this time. My pain levels were sky-rocketing, sleep pattern was non-existent (lots of it but erratic and non-refreshing), and depression was smothering me.

About six weeks ago, just before I went to Spain, I told my doctor I felt I had really lost my grip. I’m fortunate to have a doctor who supports the more holistic and natural methods I have discovered, even if she doesn’t completely understand them. She thought it a good idea to do some blood tests, so I asked if I could have the full lot done, including vitamins, which aren’t routinely tested here in the UK.

On my return from Spain (part of which holiday provided further evidence of my low energy frequency), a letter informed me I needed to contact my doctor about the blood tests. After chatting about my holiday and how I could not get the pain and sleep back to a manageable level, she told me that the blood tests showed me to have severely low iron ferritin and vitamin D levels. I had to have been running low for several months for the levels to become so severe.

The low iron would account for the increased fatigue and low energy, and the low vitamin D would be causing increased pain and many other symptoms. Anyone with fibromyalgia knows that increased everyday pain is not good. By the way, vitamin D is not strictly a vitamin but is a hormone.

This really made sense to me. Not going out so much would deprive my body of natural sunlight which provides the vitamin D. Not shopping for the fresh food that is more available in the summer, and not paying enough attention to dietary requirements, eating much more convenience food over the winter, was depriving my body of much-needed good nutrition, including iron. These are factors which I imagine would affect many people restricted through disability or infirmity. As energy levels dip, it becomes even more difficult to take care of oneself properly, and so the downward spiral begins and propels itself.

Ordinarily, I would listen to these results and say, OK I need to get out in the sunlight and need to do something about my diet. However, I had to recognise I am not strong enough to do that at the moment, and have appreciatively welcomed the intervention prescribed by my doctor of a 3-month supply of iron and vitamin D tablets – a relief to my doctor I believe as she does know my level of reluctance to take medications, as I see many as a band-aid over a deep wound. As a precaution, we’ve also added in some magnesium supplements as that helps the body with absorption of other vital nutrients.

My message here is one of taking notice of the symptoms. Symptoms are not meant to make you stay where you are. Symptoms are a sign that you need to do something different, change direction. They tell you when you are not treating your precious body correctly. If left unnoticed, they can cause permanent damage to the cells of your body, and store up further problems for the future, not only physical damage but emotional damage in the way you start mentally treating your body and mind too with negative thoughts.

Fatigue, pain and low mood are not always something you can cure with positive thinking, and are not to be taken for granted. They should always be checked out. As mine was, your body may be crying out for some loving nourishment.

Personally, I am still a reluctant pill-taker, I believe nature provides everything our bodies need, and we’ve got to feed ourselves properly. However, for the moment, I’m going to stop beating myself up that I should be able to positive-think my way out of it. I’m going to be kind to my mind, as that needs emotional nourishment too.

I am looking forward to feeling physically healthier, and I have given myself a task for this year, to build a collection of some simple recipes, with easily-accessible natural, nutritious ingredients that will fulfil all my dietary requirements to keep me healthy in winters to come, and ensure I go for some time outside, no matter how cold the weather is.

Symptoms are a sign: they help you back on track

No News Is Good News

No News Is Good News

no news is good news, turn off the news, negative messages, positive thinkingDid you watch the news on television today? Did you hear it on the radio? Did you happen to listen to your favourite talk radio show today? Watch a movie? A soap opera? A ‘reality’ TV show? Read a celebrity gossip magazine? Do you feel good because of it?

What effect do these things have on us in our daily lives? Do they invoke a positive mental attitude? Probably not. The problem with the media in most formats today is that it is comprised of every negative image and idea that exists and is yet to exist.

Even a lot of the comedy shows have a negative message. Why is this?

How do we balance these negative messages in our lives? How do we counter the crap that is being fed to us? Do we immerse ourselves in motivational books and tapes? If not, maybe we should.

The healthy function of our minds is dependent upon input. If the only, or majority, input that we have is negative, our output can tend to be negative as well. Garbage in, garbage out. My grandmother used to warn me that the type of people that I surrounded myself with is the type of person I would become. She was right to a great degree. It is also true that the type of materials to which we expose our minds is the type of thinking that we will practice in our daily lives. Perhaps you question that logic, but let me go on.

When the mainstream media has been confronted in the past about the content of their shows, they claim that just because you watch a violent film, you won’t become violent. This may be true, but as you continuously immerse yourself in violent content, you begin to become numb to the violence itself. You also absorb messages about living in a fearful world.

Such as that is, the more negative the constant input in your life, the harder it becomes to be positive or think positive thoughts. As a creative individual, I often need a bit of inspiration in my daily life. To get this inspiration, I look at other writers work. After a while I am influenced by what I have seen to create my own work.

The same can be said for a positive attitude. If we reach a point in our day when we feel like we can’t go on with our work, sometimes all we need is a bit of inspiration to get back on track. Often this inspiration gives us that “a-ha” moment that we need to get back on the rails.

Now I am not saying that you should have a constant diet of positive attitude books and CD’s. There are other things that can reinforce us in our daily tasks. Aside from personal development materials, there is also the development of our business or our skills. This type of information can be found in books, magazines, on cd, dvd, cassette tapes or the internet.

Often when we learn more about our work and how to do it better, we are more successful at performing necessary tasks. This success in itself is empowering and can lead to a more positive attitude.

I switched off my television several months ago, and it has only been switched on rarely, maybe three times in as many months, if I have heard about a nature or science documentary that sounds interesting to watch. Instead of watching TV, I have read lots of books, worked on my blog and other writing projects, completed internet video courses on promotion and marketing, self-publishing, and setting up a YouTube channel. I have listened to lots of webinars about natural health and wellbeing, and if I have wanted some light entertainment, I have found funny or uplifting films to watch online. I don’t even miss watching TV anymore (I think I shall see about cancelling my TV license and saving some money into the bargain).

In actual fact, during this period of restricting the invitation of negativity into my life, I have found that I have become more sensitive to it when it happens, like it insults my brain and my soul. I would catch snippets of the news on the radio in my car, and would feel the impact on my energy level so much that I have learned to quickly hit the radio knob to OFF when the news comes on, and so far I know I have not missed anything that I really needed to know, nothing that has had any direct influence on my life.

It doesn’t have to be all work and mental stimulation. Stopping watching TV allows you more time to engage in outside activities, like walks in nature, exercise or social groups. When you become more aware of, and focus on and appreciate the beauty and positivity all around you, which was there all the time, you just didn’t notice it, it becomes easier to practise positive thinking.

As we go through our day we should try to be aware of the influences that our surroundings are having on us. We should be careful to monitor the types of input that we are getting and balance it with as much positive material as possible. In doing this not only can we feel better about ourselves and our world, but we will also be more productive and feel happier at the same time.

No News Is Good News

Beating the Internal Bully

Beating the Internal Bully

beating the internal bully, internal dialogue, how do you speak to yourself
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Zen to Zany

Every day you are talking to yourself in your head.  Often you are doing this unconsciously without really being aware of what you are doing.  Discover how this affects your life and how you can change it.

There are many things that drive people to success, and a key factor is what is known as ‘internal dialogue’. This is the dialogue that is constantly playing inside your head. It’s the voice that starts talking as soon as you do something, meet someone, or think about anything.

In many cases, this voice can be destructive and knock you down, though it is possible to quite easily harness this internal dialogue and use it to propel you to the success you desire and deserve.

You may notice that on occasion the voice is negative in what it says. For example, you see something you really want to buy and it says, “You can’t afford that.” Or you see someone you are really attracted to and the voice says, “They’re way out of your league, they’ll never go for someone like you.”

At it’s worst, and most destructive, it beats you with words like “You’re not good enough”, “You don’t deserve to be happy”, and it is this internal bully saying “You’re too fat” or “Why don’t you look like her/him?”, that causes conditions like eating disorders and depression.

We sometimes speak to ourselves in a way we would not allow others to speak to us. If a friend spoke to us in this way, we would not be friends with them for very long.

Quite obviously, this does nothing to make your life any better. Therefore, why not change the content of the voice? When it says something negative, counter it with a positive suggestion. For example, when the voice says, “You can’t afford that.” Respond mentally in a firm and positive voice with something like, “How can I afford it?” A question that empowers you and propels you into positive action. Or train yourself to positively affirm “I’m perfect just the way I am”, because everybody IS uniquely perfect.

This may take some time, and you may notice initially you do not always catch the voice and correct it. However, keep it up and before you know it, you will have changed the negative dialogue into a positive, empowering one.

You can also change the tone of the voice. What would happen if instead of the usual tone of voice saying, “I can’t afford it” you hear the voice of Homer Simpson, or Donald Duck, or any comic character saying it? You certainly wouldn’t listen to the voice and take it seriously, you would laugh at it and it’s power over you would be broken.

This technique can be extended to helping you motivate yourself to do something. When faced with the washing up, what do you hear in your head? Do you hear a whiny voice saying something like, “You really ought to do the washing up or you’ll get into trouble” or a commanding and scary voice saying, “Wash up NOW!”?

What would happen if the voice were a soft and really seductive voice speaking in your head? The sort of voice that gives you shivers down your back. What if it said something like, “Let’s do the washing up big boy.”? How would that motivate you?

Stephen King, the author, uses this technique with his writing. When he has to write he hears this very loud and powerful voice shouting at him as if through a megaphone saying something like, “WRITE NOW!!!!!” It almost scares him in to writing.

However, you don’t need to scare yourself into action. You can change your internal dialogue to be anything you want; whatever works best for you to motivate you and help you to get where you want to be.

Listen to your internal dialogue and play with changing the tone, volume and tempo to find the type of voice that works best for you. Create a number of different types of voices, one for motivation, one to stop you doing things, one to make you feel loved, one to make you feel happy and so on.

Mastering your internal dialogue is a major key in mastering your life.

Beating the Internal Bully 

The difference between negative and challenging people

The difference between negative and challenging people

negative challenging people, negative people, challenging peopleWe all have people in our lives who don’t agree with us, as well as those who do. I have seen it suggested that we are the average of the 5 people we spend most time with.

Of course, people we really don’t like or don’t get on with, we will try to spend less time with. I wrote a post just the other day about how to avoid negative people. You can read it HERE if you like.

But can we learn something from people we don’t like? And is there a difference between negative people and challenging individuals?

In my opinion, the difference is this: negative people are the ones that you feel really drained after spending time with them, whereas challenging people can make you think about something a different way, however you may feel pumped up from adrenaline coursing through your body.

Negative people are often just grumpy, and what they moan and complain about often isn’t worth remembering. However, challenging people can cause a personal shift in you, they may discuss something you will ponder on later, whether or not you agree with them at the time.

We have friends who we get on well with, who we really enjoy being around, who make us feel good. But if all of our friends were like that, we probably wouldn’t experience much personal growth. We would lack the motivation to grow and develop because we would be surrounded by people telling us just how wonderful we are. Think about a world like that – wouldn’t we become stagnant and bored?

I went to a personal development seminar a while ago and the speaker asked, “Are you the most dynamic person amongst your group of friends?”. He gave us a moment to ponder our answer, then added, “If so, change your friends!”.

Challenging people can be really worth having around. They get us mentally stimulated: they allow for debate whose way is better? It doesn’t necessarily mean any one way is better, but when we look at the bigger picture, we can become more open-minded, more accepting that everyone is different and lives the way that suits them. They may suggest something that resonates with us, that feels like a better way to live that we hadn’t considered before. We may choose to accept or reject their way of life, but either way we will gain an insight into why they behave or think like they do.

My personal belief is that challenging people are meant to cross our paths for a reason. It is up to us to recognise that, and ask ourselves, “What can I learn from this person?”.

They may be more or less successful in life than we are. Status is something that, I believe, is a very subjective perspective, but as we are human, we all have our own view. We place ourselves on a ‘rank’ by comparing ourselves to others. Ideally, we wouldn’t, but we do.

We will meet people who we consider to be inferior to ourselves: drug addicts, homeless vagrants, criminals, people who don’t have a lot of money, or anything inbetween them and where we see ourselves. What can we learn from them? We can learn compassion, we can learn how some people try to survive the worst circumstances in life, we can learn how to protect ourselves, we can learn that other people do the best they can through surviving often horrific childhood or adulthood experiences, we can learn how to help, we can learn humility. We can learn that some people can have a happy life, regardless of how little money they have, or how outward appearances may indicate.

We will meet people who we consider to be superior in ‘rank’ to ourselves: entrepreneurs, millionaires, people who can afford nice things in life, can provide more for their families, or anything inbetween them and where we see ourselves. What can we learn from them? We can learn what it took for them to achieve what they did, we can learn mindset skills, we can learn about drive and determination. We will often learn that they suffered failures and setbacks, and how they overcame them. We can learn how to make a positive contribution with the success that we can achieve. We can learn that some people will have a miserable life, regardless of how much money they have, or how outward appearances may indicate.

I have someone in my life who always belittled my ideas about what I wanted to do with my life. “I’m going to go to uni and get my degree” (I was a single parent at the time), response “No, you can’t do that”, or “I’m going to start my own business”, again the response “No, you can’t do that”, and many other ideas along the way. I’m pleased to say my drive to succeed was increased, and I achieved what I set out to do simply by trying to prove to myself that I could, and to prove them wrong. They were probably one of my best motivators.

It is said, and I believe it, that ‘Lessons are repeated until they are learned’. If there is something that would be of benefit to us, and we don’t recognise it when we see it, we will continue to meet people who can provide the lesson. If you keep having the same kind of challenging person crossing your path, then there is a message and a lesson in it for you, it’s up to you how long you take to learn it.

From my experience, the most important thing I have learned from challenging people is this: from the pauper living on the streets, to the queen living in the palace, every person has their own valid and valuable reason for being included in this life experience, and as such, the ‘ranks’ become irrelevant.

It helps also to remember that YOU will be the challenging person in somebody else’s life, whether you intend to be or not. You probably don’t see this yourself, because you are not them, looking at yourself from their perspective. Aim to be constructive, without being too harshly critical, in your dealings with others. That way you can prevent yourself from being a ‘negative’.

Can we learn anything from plain grumpy, negative people? You know the kind, the ones that really don’t see how blessed they are. The ones that you can say ‘Isn’t it a beautiful day?’ to and they answer with ‘Not really, it’s forecast rain later’. Of course we can. We can learn patience, we can learn to be grateful we’re not them, and then we can learn to move swiftly away.

The difference between negative and challenging people

I challenge you not to laugh!

daywithoutlaughterIf there is one thing I have found out since becoming a more consciously positive person, it’s that the world is full of people that just want to make others laugh, and lift their energy vibes.

Laughing is the one thing that just makes me feel better instantly, and it reduces my pain levels significantly. Indeed when I went through a particularly painful period in my life, it was a few of my Facebook friends that got me laughing again and really lifted my spirits. There’s a really good scientific reason for this: laughter releases endorphins, the body’s own natural painkillers, and 15 minutes gets a good dose of them running through your body.

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”
 Audrey Hepburn

With the internet, and specifically Youtube, there is no shortage of laughter material available. People purposefully go out into the streets with the sole intention of putting a smile on other people’s faces, and as smiling and laughter is so infectious, it’s no wonder these videos are going viral.

Watch this selection if you want your day to become instantly brighter 🙂

… and if this doesn’t get you laughing, what are you in a coma or something?

And there’s a new form of exercise sweeping across the world – Laughter Yoga!

A friend of mine runs Laughter Yoga sessions and organised one in one of our town parks last summer. Of course I had to be there. About six of us were there, it’s new to our town so we didn’t know how many would turn up. There were quite a lot of people around and my friend had big signs up saying it was free to join in the Laughter Yoga session so I, in all my enthusiasm, said, “If we just start, people will join in when we do”. So we started. Well, I’ve never seen a park clear so quickly! Haha. Some people are just not ready for spontaneous bursts of laughter (although we spotted several people peeping round from behind some trees). Yes, I have also discovered there are many people who will avoid public laughter like the plague. I’m not going to let that stop me. It made us laugh all the more. I want those good-feeling endorphins! 😀

Karmic connections

karmic_connectionHave you ever felt an impulse very strongly to do something or be in a certain place at a certain time? You don’t know why you feel pulled, but it becomes evident later why you just had to do it.

I am a member of a personal development and social networking group a fair distance from my home, and haven’t been able to attend for some 9 or 10 months, for various reasons. This past weekend I felt a very strong urge to be there.

There were a couple of new faces there. I had no idea when they had joined the group. So the organiser invited us to do a quick round of introducing ourselves: name, what brought us to the group, where we are on our life path, and what we would like to achieve from the group going forward.

As always, I enjoyed hearing how my like-minded, positive friends have been progressing in their life journeys. Then the second from last person, a man I had not met before, began speaking. And the room became so still, so quiet you could hear a pin drop, like nobody dared move a muscle in case we would lose the magic of what we were hearing.

Aviel had attended the group a couple of times. He is a farmer with a local Trust organisation, where he works on the land, growing organic and biodynamic crops, and he looks after many farm animals. This time, however, he had come to say his goodbyes to the group.

Aviel is leaving the country this week, to fly to Argentina, to donate a kidney to his father. A man who left his life 30 years ago, when Aviel was only 12 years of age.

Aviel displayed deep emotion as he revealed that he has no idea when or if he will be able to return to the UK, where he has lived for about 23 years, as his job is not guaranteed to remain open for him. He is also leaving his 19-year-old son and his beautiful cat and dog.

As Aviel spoke, his humility and spirituality filled the room, enveloping everybody in his warmth and selflessness.

Even after Aviel stopped speaking, not a move could be made or a word said for, oh I don’t know how long. It felt like the whole room was suspended in time.

Asked why he would give up so much for a father who left such a deep hole in his life, he simply said “Because I just feel I have to, it doesn’t feel like a choice. He needs a kidney, I have one I can give”.

I was completely awestruck, as were most others. When we returned our heads to the room, there were a few tear-filled eyes. Some of us had a strong urge to get up and hug Aviel, so we did.

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t get Aviel out of my mind. I felt so blessed that his soul had touched my own, and realised this was why I had felt that strong impulse to travel to the meetup that day.

But I couldn’t leave it there. I wanted to know more.

Later that evening, through the marvellous medium of Facebook, I contacted Aviel and asked if he might be willing, if he has time before he leaves, for us to meet so I could learn more of his amazing story. Thankfully, he willingly agreed. I had a lovely meeting with him yesterday and learned so much more about his life journey that led him to this place he is at now, and the opportunity to save his father’s life.

I have lots to write up, so plan to publish Aviel’s story in the next few days.

People often talk of karmic connections, or chains of events that lead us to take a different path in life. Like a staircase, it’s about taking each step, not knowing what is at the top, but having faith that what is there is for your highest good.

Everything happens for a reason.


Read Aviel’s story HERE

If you can understand Spanish, watch the video recorded by the Argentinian news channel HERE

Improve Your Relationships By Loving Yourself

love-yourselfMany of us, especially women, tend to put others’ needs before our own. We neglect ourselves and eventually resent those who have been on the receiving end of our love and attention. What we fail to realise is the importance of putting ourselves first. No, it is not selfish. In fact, it’s impossible to meet the needs of others effectively without first being balanced in our own lives. Loving yourself will not only prove to be a positive experience, but it will improve your relationships with others as well.

If we go through our days neglecting our basic needs, we will become very quickly drained of our energy, too exhausted to spend any time on ourselves. When we realise that our own needs are not being met, we become resentful and ultimately withdraw the help and support we so freely offered to others before. However, by focusing on putting ourselves first, we can regain that lost energy, which will give us endless vitality to direct toward others.

Loving and taking better care of yourself is easy if you implement one or more of the simple helpful tips and ideas listed here. When we are happy with the level of attention we are giving ourselves, our energy overflows and we are anxious to help fulfil the needs of those around us. Everyone wins when we learn to love ourselves. Use the following tips to get you started:

Live a healthy lifestyle – How can we expect to accomplish great things if we cannot meet life’s most basic needs? Eat healthy by replacing excess sugar and refined foods with whole foods and lots of water. Give your body the ability to effectively burn the fuel you take in by getting daily exercise, thereby increasing your metabolism. Make sure to get plenty of sleep as well, as our minds do not fully function if they haven’t been allowed to properly recharge themselves.

Express yourself – One of the best ways to take care of ourselves mentally is by frequently expressing how we feel. This can be done in several ways. Mentally, we can express ourselves on paper. Keeping a personal journal in which you can vent when needed will help keep emotions in check. Creative expression is important too, such as allowing yourself to feel and experience the wide range of emotions in a rented movie, or by working on a hobby that’s close to your heart.  Photography and other visual arts are good for this. Remember, expressing ourselves creatively is as important as doing so mentally.

Spend some time alone – In order to appreciate ourselves more, we should get to know ourselves better. Some of you may think this will have the reverse effect, but think positively! You would be surprised what becoming introspective will reveal. Discover yourself and learn to love it. Go for a scenic drive. Take a long bath. Surround yourself with music or just quietly meditate. Not only will you appreciate your own company more, but the relaxation will do wonders for your state of mind. Your relationships are sure to improve if others sense your renewed energy and love of life.

Pamper yourself – Finally, take the time to treat yourself to something rewarding. Get a massage, a manicure, or tickets to your favourite sporting event. Show yourself you care about your own happiness by creating more of it in your life. By allowing yourself to enjoy the spotlight now and again, you’ll realize the goodness others feel when you are able to help them.

What helps you to recharge your batteries? Do more of that and everybody benefits 🙂

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

― Howard Thurman