Hay House World Summit 2014 – Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Hay House World Summit 2014 – Bigger and Better Than Ever!

You won’t believe what Hay House are giving away…for FREE!
Sharing the best with you so you can be your best!

Hay House set out to create the most empowering and memorable online webinar available anywhere in the world!

And they are starting off with a bang with three FREE Bonus Video lessons from the leading experts in healing, forgiveness and manifesting!

Louise Hay, Iyanla Vanzant and Esther Hicks with Dr. Wayne Dyer, speak to the most popular question Hay House was asked during last year’s World Summit: How do I find my truth, my inner ding, my purpose, my calling?

First, Louise Hay and Robert Holden recently sat down for an intimate conversation about the importance of self-love, what they do when they feel discouraged (yes, even Louise gets discouraged from time to time), the power of forgiveness, and how to hear your inner ding. Listen and learn what Louise suggests you do every day – it will definitely surprise you!

Mirror Work, Louise Hay, Robert Holden, Hay House World Summit, Free Bonus Video

Repeat after Louise: Everything I need to know will be revealed to me.

You are the answer and you have the power to heal your life!

This second video is a conscious raising lesson in forgiveness that is sure to make you laugh, dance, say a little “um hmm” and fill your heart and soul with love, love, love!

This isn’t your typical lecture, so prepare to be wowed, inspired and empowered to call upon your wholiness in only the way Iyanla Vanzant can!

Get ready to fill your belly with laughter because Iyanla’s gonna put some lovin’ on you!

Wholiness to the Rescue, Iyanla Vanzant, Hay House World Summit 2014

Can you hear your wholiness? Are you really ready for a shift? Are you willing to forgive everyone, including yourself, for everything in the past even though it’s REALLY REALLY HARD?

If you answered yes, then you are ready for the final, very special, Bonus Video lecture. For the first time ever, Esther Hicks shares the stage with Dr. Wayne Dyer for an evening with Abraham.

Esther, while channeling the wise sages known collectively as Abraham, is asked those high frequency questions we all want answers to! Bask in the pure positive energy between Abraham and Dr. Dyer in this enlightening conversation!

Law of Attraction, Esther Hicks, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Hay House World Summit 2014

Caught a little bit of spirit from this powerful duo, didn’t you? It’s time to tap into that higher frequency and get into the flow!

And these are only the bonus videos! These experts know how to heal, forgive and manifest and they are sharing their best with you!

It’s time to fall in love with you, release all resentment and manifest your new, most glorious self!

Watch these videos now and see what else the Hay House World Summit 2014 has to offer HERE

Hay House World Summit 2014 – Bigger and Better Than Ever!

Abraham-Hicks coming to London! Places running out fast!

Abraham-Hicks coming to London!

Abraham-Hicks coming to LondonWhoop whoop! I’m so excited!

I have been a student of Abraham-Hicks teachings for a few years now. They have been a huge influence in leading me to live a more positive life. It has been a dream of mine to see them live in person, and now I am going to!

Esther Hicks will be performing an Abraham workshop in London on September 20, 2014.

I have my ticket and will be travelling to the event, and staying in London for a couple of nights, with 4 girlfriends from North East England, all of whom I have met through Abe, and am so looking forward to meeting so many more Abe friends when we get there. The positive energy when ‘Abrahamsters’ gather together is unreal.

It would be my ultimate dream to go on one of their cruises, which I wanted to do a couple of years ago, but tickets sold out so quickly. For this event, I was not going to miss my ticket so bought it immediately on their release, thankfully as out of 2,400 tickets, in only 2 days there are only around 200 left.

You can grab one of the last remaining tickets HERE but be quick, they’re going FAST. And do introduce yourself if you see me at the event.

Their flagship bestselling book Ask and It Is Given (UK) has improved mine and many others’ lives greatly.














You can learn more about Abraham-Hicks HERE.

To find Abraham-Hicks materials in the US click HERE.

To find Abraham-Hicks materials in the UK click HERE.

I couldn’t leave this post without adding in a little video as an example. It’s so difficult to choose my favourite, there are so many, so I posted the first one that struck me as I wanted to get posted before tickets run out.

Abraham-Hicks coming to London!

The £100 game

£100gameHow do you activate the energy of abundance in your life? Especially when it can be quite hard to feel abundant.

As we know, wealth and abundance are created in your mindset before they appear in your wallet.

The thought of ‘I can’t afford that’ is a low energy vibration, and attracts more things that you can’t afford.

Here is a little game you can use to change your thoughts and mindset from one of ‘I can’t afford it’, to ‘I could have that if I want’.

Put £100 in your wallet or purse or pocket. Don’t worry if you have it earmarked for something else. You’re not going to spend it. If you don’t actually have £100, print out some pictures of the notes/bills, or buy some of those napkins or tissues you can get that look like money, they’re only a few pennies to buy if you can find them. The important thing is that you can ‘pretend’ they are real money that you can spend.

Go on a universal spending spree. Walk around the stores. Look at things you like and could buy with your £100, and just say to yourself things like ‘I can have that’, ‘I could buy that’, ‘That will look great on me’, ‘I can afford that’, ‘I have the money to buy that’.

Get the feeeeeeeling of abundance, that you could buy those things if you chose to. Even if you come home having not actually bought anything, you still have £100, but most of all you will feel better. You could have mentally ‘spent’ your £100 one hundred times, meaning you have spent £10,000 in one day. You will have moved your abundance mindset to a positive one of possibility rather than a negative one of lack, and you may quickly see evidence of your improved energy vibration, possibly in the form of an unexpected windfall. When you do see some evidence, remember to say ‘Thank you universe’ and relish the feeling of gratitude to keep that vibration active.

Exercise inspired by Abraham-Hicks.

Imagining Creates Reality & FREE book

einsteinI discovered the Law of Attraction about 3 or 4 years ago, beginning with watching a film called The Secret (UK). This came to me at a time in my life when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, so my desire for relief was so strong, and it came.

Through being aware of Law of Attraction, which in it’s simplest form means you get in your life what you give your attention and focus, I have created some amazing manifestations, consciously and deliberately.

I have discovered many teachers of Law of Attraction, my favourite modern teacher being Abraham-Hicks (UK).

After a while of practising the principles outlined in The Secret, I discovered that this was not a new thing at all, people have been researching and writing about the Law of Attraction for probably centuries. In fact, Jesus Christ himself may have been the most famous Law of Attraction teacher.

However, while The Secret is a marvellous introduction, or ‘dummies guide’ to Law of Attraction, it tells us we can all achieve these manifestations, I now realise it lacked explanation of the power of the emotions to affect the ease and timing of realising those manifestations.

I discovered that older books, sources on which The Secret and other similar texts were based, better satisfied my hunger for more. The book Think and Grow Rich (UK), written by Napoleon Hill in 1937, came about by over 20 years of researching the most successful people of our times, e.g. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and discovering they all followed a formula which included imagining the outcome before being anywhere near the result, and focussing so intently on the outcome that it had no option other than to manifest into physical existence.

Florence Scovel Shinn‘s book Your Word is Your Wand (UK), is a favourite of mine too. Although written in the language of the early 20th century, it is a fairly easy read, and the principles are just as relevant today.

Just a few days ago, I heard of another teacher, Neville Goddard, who published The Law and The Promise (UK) in the 1940s. This describes in great detail about going into your imagination and living as if your wishes are already fulfilled, they have already happened. Goddard recounts many stories from people who attended his lectures, followed his teachings and had amazing results. I really enjoyed this book. I’m still feeling really fired up as the last couple of nights before sleep I have imagined in great detail the home and lifestyle I expect to have in the near future.

You can CLICK HERE to instantly access a FREE PDF version of The Law and The Promise (no sign-up or personal details required). To download to your computer, right-click on the above link and ‘Save link/target as…’.

This is the book upon which Dr Wayne Dyer has based his modern take on the teachings in his new book Wishes Fulfilled (UK).

Happy reading. Happy Imagining. Happy Creating 😀

Emotion Devotion – Part 2

EmotionsSo how do I alter the emotion I am feeling when something bad happens? When I am in the middle of a crisis? When everyone around me is talking about that thing that happened? When I just feel bad for no particular reason?

It’s easy to say just change your thoughts. But we each have about 60,000 thoughts per day, and many of these are our programs running on auto-pilot. All those little automatic thoughts we have trained ourselves, or others have trained us from a young age, to think, mostly to protect us, but they also tend to numb us or expect the worst. They don’t serve us in creating a better life. Times change. What served us at one time in our lives, or served our parents, isn’t relevant or helpful today.

Here’s some great news. We don’t have to monitor each and every thought. If we did that, we would create more thoughts, at least doubled to 120,000. But we do have great tools to help us, they are our feelings and emotions. When our dominant thoughts are negative, we will feel bad. When our dominant thoughts are positive, we feel good.

Abraham-Hicks, one of my favourite teachers, has come up with an ideal illustration of how this works. It is called the Emotional Guidance Scale. I use this on a regular basis, in fact the image is now imprinted on my mind, and when I don’t feel good it is a great place to start and identify why I am feeling as I am, and then work my way up into better thoughts, feelings and emotions:

emotional guidance scale

First, identify whether you are feeling good or bad.

If you feel good, you are likely to feel hopeful, loving, appreciative, optimistic, content, enthusiastic, and your dominant thoughts will be positive, good-feeling thoughts. You are on the left-hand side of the picture. Congratulations! You are feeling great. Now keep milking those good feelings and thoughts. Bask in the ease of life, because it is showing you all the things you have to feel good about. You are unlikely to experience difficulties, but if they do crop up, you will be ready and able to overcome difficulties more easily than if you were feeling bad in the first place.

If you feel bad, you are likely to feel depressed, insecure, angry, jealous, guilty, fearful, disappointed, bored, and your dominant thoughts will match and feed those negative emotions. You are on the right-hand side of the picture. Congratulations! Did that sound strange? Congratulating you on feeling bad?

Please be assured I am not making light of these sometimes dreadful emotions. I am completely sympathetic to how bad they can feel. Remember, I have been in the depths of despair and depression and did consider checking out. When you feel bad or low, it really can feel like you are trapped in the downward spiral the image above represents. It feels like you are out of control of your own life. However, I do want you to remember this one thing – I am certain this is not the first time you have felt low and like times gone by, this too shall pass! And when it does, you will know how strong you are, and will even be thankful for the challenges that made you recognise that fact. You will learn how to reach out and grab the branch that stops you from drowning, and you will realise just how worth it life is.

However low down this Emotional Guidance Scale you may feel you are at the moment, the good news is that at this moment you are breathing, you are alive and you have a chance to climb up. The better news is that you actually have a desire in you, a desire to climb up, to get well, to feel better. And the fantastic news is that as you are climbing up, you will give birth to so many new desires, desires you didn’t even know you had. You will realise desires to drop many negative things from your life that took you down there in the first place.

The best news of all is that it is possible, no matter how far down that scale you are, to actually reach the top and feel utter, absolute joy and appreciation, but not immediately. Don’t expect to do that. I’m not even going to try and pretend you could do that. What I would like is the opportunity to show you how to do it the gentle way, the more consistent way.

Think of it like a diet: we all know those crash diets where you lose a huge amount of weight in a short period of time don’t work. You feel utterly miserable, and when you stop you pile on the weight again, often much more than you lost. This is about small steps. Gentle, consistent changes to your attitude and lifestyle that you can maintain and with practise they become habit.

How does it work?

Wherever you are on that downward spiral, it is always possible to feel better. If you are right at the bottom, as I was, the only way is UP! Even a slight shift upwards is a shift in the right direction.

I think of the Emotional Guidance Scale as being like a radio tuner. Stack the left side on top of the right side (as it is most often illustrated, I just thought the image I used was most appropriate for this article), so it is a continuous scale.

You wouldn’t want to change your radio frequency straight from Heavy Metal music to a Ballet would you?

If you’ve been listening to Discouragement FM for a while, and fiddle around with the tuner, you might not be ready to listen to Passion AM yet, but Frustration FM will feel a bit better, as it can feel like you are heading in the direction of taking back some control of your life, whereas Anger FM is heading in the wrong direction: you may be inclined to do something rash and hurt somebody else, which could further spiral down to Revenge or Guilt FM. Even Optimism AM may feel like a bit of a stretch from Frustration, but if over a bit of time you can move up to Boredom, you may look for new things to do and then line up with new ideas and then be ready to move up to Hopeful, and from there it is only a little hop up to Optimism. Did you notice the switch from the negative end of the tuner to the positive end?

As we are energetic magnets, as explained in Emotion Devotion – Part 1, we attract whatever is on the frequency we are tuned in to. The higher up the scale we can move, we will align and attract more in life that shows us where we are, which frequency we are vibrating at.

We can also be at different levels on the scale for different aspects of our lives. For instance, we can be optimistic about our finances while feeling discouraged in relationships. If you try and deal with too much at once, you can become overwhelmed. So take it easy, don’t get carried away with trying to fix everything all at once. Work on what is most important to you at the moment. When you see some progress in that area, the hopefulness you will achieve will spill over into other aspects of your life.

When you adjust your tuner in the right direction, upwards, you will see the evidence of that shift manifest into your reality. You will feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. You may meet someone who can help you achieve a goal. You may receive an unexpected financial windfall. You used to think these things were coincidences or ‘lucky’. They were not. They were reflecting your inner feelings and thoughts.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it
– Albert Einstein

Another way to consider the Emotional Guidance Scale is this. If you are in those right-hand side emotions in the above image, your thinking is predominantly problem-focused, whereas in the left-hand side emotions your thinking is more solution-focused. When you are thinking negatively, you often think you can’t see a way out, you are too far away from the thoughts you need to find the solution. As you move up the scale, you move closer to an appropriate, good-feeling situation.

By the time I discovered Abraham-Hicks and the Emotional Guidance Scale, I had reached the Hopeful level. I had already realised that when I was at my lowest, the thing I had lost all contact with was Hope. I couldn’t hear Hope AM from where I was tuned into Depression FM. I could reflect back and I could identify all the stages I had passed through on my way up to Hope. Seeing it laid out like this, showed me that what I had been through on my journey was a completely natural course of events. I wasn’t unusual. My journey wasn’t unusual. It had been natural for me to feel Hate and Revenge during that time, which was good because it had felt slightly more empowered than Depression, but now I was Hopeful and Optimistic, it would not be a good idea to return to those lower levels, and I am glad to say I never have, and don’t believe I ever will, about anything.

Your radio tuner, or energetic frequency, is known as your ‘point of attraction’. It will vary. It can go down as well as up. Whichever way it is going, it’s all good. If it’s going up, enjoy it and it will continue. If it’s going down, get ready to create some new desires from the challenges. Take a step back and evaluate where you are and where you want to be. But the main message is, don’t worry, with practise you realise that your emotions are your best friend and they help to guide you in the right direction.

Nothing is more important than that you feel good
– Abraham-Hicks

Oh, and about those thoughts, the natural effect of noticing your feelings improve is that you will have more good stuff to think good thoughts about. It is a 2-way process though, because of those automatic thought-dampeners we have picked up. I will discuss how to identify false thoughts that no longer serve you in a future post, because they can be buried in your sub-conscious and create limiting beliefs, which can hinder you in maintaining the most positive emotions. A general rule is that negative thoughts do not serve you well, and if in general you notice that you once had a 70:30 negative/positive thought ratio, and you can turn this around even to 45:55 negative:positive ratio, you are heading in the right direction 🙂

When you do move into those higher, better emotions, it feels so good. You know your thoughts are at least 51% positive. Life shows you why it so good, which in turn gives you more positive experiences to think about. The effects begin to multiply. It begins to suck you up and up into higher energy. The momentum builds, and the higher you get the more exhilarating the feelings and experiences. It’s the best natural high you can get. You will see more positive people appear in your life, and negative ones disappear. It’s like magic. Trust the process and it will take you to places you may not have known existed.

Coming up: Practical ideas to help move you up the Emotional Guidance Scale