So you think I’m crazy? Thank you very much!

crazy misfitsI’m crazy. I’m weird. I’m on another planet. I’m deluded.

I’ve had these kinds of remarks a lot in the last few years, when I’ve talked to others in my social circle about Law of Attraction, dreams, metaphysical stuff, how thoughts are real, how changing attitude can change life.

Christopher Columbus believed the Earth was round and was bitterly attacked for it.

Bruno was burned at the stake for believing that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe, and Galileo was thrown in prison for teaching that the Sun was the centre of the Universe.

The Wright brothers were ridiculed and condemned for believing a machine could fly.

As Lisa Nichols talks about in this soul-inspiring video, many of our most ground-breaking and inspirational legends in history, were considered ‘crazy’ at some point.

I LOVE Lisa’s advice:

“If someone calls you crazy because of your dream, just smile and say ‘Well you know, I’m in some damn good company’!”

Nothing was ever achieved or changed in the world by someone staying on the ‘comfortable’ side of sanity. Extraordinary change can only come from extraordinary vision.

Don’t worry about the flat-earthies. Go for your dream, even if it means you’d prefer to keep it to yourself for a while 🙂

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