Karma: Are we missing the point?

karma-cleanseWhat do we really understand karma to be?

Are we misinterpreting it in our lives and thus missing the point completely?

Karma is ‘the law of cause and effect’.

Many people believe it comes about as a result of our deeds or actions, ‘what goes around comes around’, and it does.

However, have you ever considered that it is not only physical deeds and actions that activate the law of karma, but also your thoughts?

Is a thought not a deed or action? Quantum theory is indeed proving now that thoughts have a physical effect on everything we experience. Thoughts are causes which produce physical effects, or manifestations. If a person thinks positively, they produce positive experiences in reality. Likewise, somebody who thinks negatively experiences negative results.

A conscious thought is indeed an action to think that thought.

Many people, when observing somebody doing what they perceive to be a negative deed, will comment, ‘I’ll let karma take care of that’, ‘C’mon karma, do your stuff’, or ‘Karma can sort that one out’. Well here’s the kicker – doesn’t that thought in itself indicate that the one ‘wishing for karma’ is having negative thoughts towards the perceived wrongdoer, and in itself constitute a negative deed?

We can do little to control the behaviour, actions or thoughts of others, and it’s rarely our place to do so. Everybody is on their own path, with their own lessons to learn. We can only have direct influence over ourselves.


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