How to get a Free Holiday

Who would love a holiday? How amazing would it be if the holiday is FREE?

Almost 2 years ago, I won a national TV competition which was a holiday in Benidorm for 4 people, full board, with tickets to events and some cash. You might think this was lucky. However, I know I consciously attracted the manifestation, as a week before this happened I learned I was going to be getting some money back I had been owed for about 18 months. I used to love going on holiday 3 or 4 times a year to Spain, but having been unable to work through ill-health for a few years, I had been unable to afford to go. So when I knew this money was coming to me, but before it actually arrived into my bank account, I had the really exciting thought, and corresponding exciting feeling in my stomach of “I’m going to Spain, I’m going to Spain”. A week later my telephone rang with the amazing news that I had won this competition. And an awesome holiday it was too, I was able to take 3 close family members and we had an amazing time.

Still some may think it could be a fluke, surely the test would be – can this be recreated?

Well, in August 2012, I received an email from a friend, I’ll call her AB. AB was feeling down, in her words “I am so down and pissed off at everyone and everything. I cant get out of it, I try with the positive thinking but my dark thoughts just take over, How can I get myself out of it, any ideas?”.

I called AB on the phone for a chat. Like myself, AB was unable to work due to long-term ill-health, and was struggling financially on a day-to-day basis, and said she was desperate for a holiday but how could she afford one when she couldn’t even afford to pay her bills?

I said to AB there was nothing she could do about the finances right now, today, so the best thing she could do would be to do something she really enjoyed, like take her dad’s dog for a walk on the beach, anything she enjoyed that would take her mind off problems and make her feel happy, as this would raise her energy vibration.

Another piece of advice was to realise that she had these difficulties, but that she could focus on and be grateful for the general positive things in her life, that she had a comfortable home, her sons are safe, happy and healthy, etc. Apart from her having difficulties finding a bungalow that she knew she now needed to move to, she could recognise she had a lot to be thankful for.

Visualisation picture
Visualisation picture

Like myself, AB needs to rest regularly during the day, so I then suggested as she had her relaxation session, play some nice relaxing music and imagine being on a lovely holiday, lying on the beach, feeling the sun on her face and the sand between her toes. Even go online and find some lovely photos to download of where she would like to be on holiday. “That’s all very well doing that,” she said, “but where am I ever going to find the money for it?”. “Hey,” I said, “who says you need money? After all, look at that amazing holiday I’ve just been on that I won for free!”.

Actual holiday resort
Actual holiday resort

Encouraged, AB and I ended our conversation, both of us feeling very energised and not at all down or depressed by focusing on lack of resources.

In September, just over 4 weeks later, I received an email from AB, thanking me again for our uplifting chat and encouragement, and letting me know that since then, she had won 3 small prizes in competitions she had entered, but also that a friend of hers had turned up and announced they would like to pay for her to go with them on holiday to Gran Canaria for 2 weeks All Inclusive, and she had not even discussed her need for a holiday with them! She then sent me a document with 4 pictures on it, one picture was the one she had downloaded of her lovely holiday scenery, the other three were of the resort she was actually going to. I asked which was the one she had envisioned. She said I had to guess. We laughed as I actually guessed the wrong one, they all looked like the exact same place! Have a look at the 2 pictures above, couldn’t they be the same place, if taken from different angles?

AB had signed off her email saying “I have been managing with money and all in all am much happier and at peace with myself and the world. I am so grateful you are in my life, thank you.”

AB went on her holiday in November, which she really enjoyed and appreciated. On her return, she opened her mail to discover she had also won £500 in shopping vouchers in a competition, just in time to help her buy the Christmas presents she wanted to buy for her family.

Tomorrow: How AB manifested her dream bungalow …

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