Going The Extra Mile Benefits Everyone Including Yourself

extra mileIn a world where mediocrity is becoming alarmingly common, it’s a refreshing change to encounter people who are willing to go the extra mile.

If we are lucky we encounter such people on a daily basis. A checkout clerk who is particularly courteous, a co-worker who helps you do something not in their job description, or even a family member who does something to lighten your load.

Going beyond what others expect of you can never be a bad thing. It’s a great principle to live by no matter who you are or what you do.

Your attitude is something that shines out beyond the boundaries of what you present to others. There’s nothing that beats the feeling when someone surprises you by going the extra mile.

Nature encourages the habit of going the extra mile. If every animal/plant in the ecosystem had a lazy attitude the world would end. It’s as if Mother Nature encourages working harder than is called for.

If every human on the planet adopted a philosophy of going the extra mile the world would undoubtedly be a better place. Imagine a world were service is always courteous and delivered with a smile.

While it’s possible to still earn a living without ever having to push the boundaries of what you will do, that will not do much in terms of helping you achieve your goals.

As an example – Yesterday I stopped at the coffee shop in the supermarket I was shopping in, and asked the assistant for a latte to go. The assistant who took my order was pleasant, she served me with a smile. The second assistant, who was making the coffees (a couple, not just mine), plonked a ‘to go’ cup on the counter. I asked her “Is this mine?”. No answer, maybe she didn’t hear me. I asked again, still no answer. I didn’t want to take the coffee in case I was mistaken and it was not mine. I asked for a third time. This time she turned and said a gruff “Yeah”, without even looking at me. Now, which assistant is going to be in the lead when an opportunity for promotion or extra hours comes available? Quite frankly, if I were her boss, she probably wouldn’t have her job tomorrow.

Several years ago, I used to buy clothes from an online seller. The packages would arrive, and each item of clothing would be individually wrapped in tissue paper with a cute ribbon tie and a candy lollipop attached. Such a small extra detail, but one that made the retailer hugely memorable. They went that extra mile. And my children loved when I bought from there!

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile. –Roger Staubach

10 Reasons to go the extra mile:

1. Can foster a sense of direction in life

2. Develops a positive mental attitude

3. Encourages initiative

4. Creating a more pleasant environment for everyone

5. Gives job security

6. Often there’s extra compensation

7. Has a positive effect on all those around you – coworkers, clients etc.

8. Clear conscience

9. Can prevent procrastination

10. Going the extra mile can stimulate your soul.

That warm feeling you get inside when you go the extra mile for someone else is irreplaceable. There’s no substitute for a heartfelt thanks and you can rest easy in the knowledge that you have made life just that little bit easier for those around you.

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Why not try to incorporate this idea into your daily life. By setting a goal that you will go out of your way for someone else on a daily basis – you commit yourself to that warm fuzzy glow daily too!

Going the extra mile can make you stand out in a crowd. And of course it might just help you achieve that financial success you dream of.



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