Free Book sample – The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

billy fingersI think everybody, at some point in their life, wonders what happens after life. I know I do. Many people fear death. Personally I don’t, but I do fear dying with regrets that I didn’t live the best life I was capable of.

“How do I know my life wasn’t some punishment for my past transgressions? Well, because there’s no such thing. You’re not on earth to be punished. It’s not about sin and punishment. That’s a human concept. Something man made up. Humans make up stuff and then they believe it.
Sure, there’s a lot of pain in life, but not because you’ve done anything to deserve it. Here’s another secret for you, baby sister. Pain is just part of the human experience, as natural as breath or eyesight or blood moving through your veins. Pain is part of the earth deal, so don’t be overly concerned about it. Although I admit I wasn’t exactly fond of pain myself.”
The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

I found a free sample of the first 2 chapters of the book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. It is a true story about the communication Annie Kagan received from her brother Billy after his death.
CLICK HERE to open the free sample pdf. Immediate access, no sign-up required.

After reading it I am fascinated to read further so will be ordering the Kindle version from Amazon (Amazon UK).

It reminded me very much of another book I read a year or so ago, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, by Mitch Alborn. I just had to read that after it literally threw itself off the bookstore shelf at me 3 times when I passed by it. Available from Amazon and Amazon UK.
Also available on DVD.

People have very mixed opinions and views about what happens after we leave this earthly existence. Who can know for sure? I am certain it is a question that will be answered definitively by science at some point. Until then, I am keeping an open mind, and I choose to embrace anything that gives me comfort and peaceful thoughts about it.

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