Fill your life with what you love and it’s hard not to love life

don't sweat the small stuff, find your purpose and do what you love, how to fill your love tank, Fill your life with what you love and it's hard not to love lifeFill your life with what you love and it’s hard not to love life

The internet is an absolute treasure chest for inspirational and heart-warming stories. I never fail to find something that touches my soul.

Today my inspiration came from one of my favourite sources; a young man named Jake Ducey posted this on his Facebook page.

“I just got back from sometime spent in downtown Los Angeles. It was raining. Tall buildings everywhere. It was about 10:00pm. I walked back to my hotel after dinner. I saw homeless people sleeping on the sidewalk. They covered themselves from the rain with plastic bags. I walked past and saw the lighted up logo of Chase Bank reflect off a mirrored window high-rise. I began to feel anger toward the world- how can we have so much money and so many people who can’t even get out of the rain and dirty sidewalk at night?

When I turned the last corner I saw a heavier set homeless man in all black with a beanie on. He had a sign that said, “Hungry Homeless Vet.” He was reading. I was curious, “Hey dude, what are you reading?”

He looked up, “a fiction book about sorcery and wizards. Do you like to read?”

“I like to write more,” I said.

We started talking. He was sitting and reading under the overhang of the Subway restaurant. He didn’t have anywhere to sleep because it was too rainy, Instead he read under the Subway lights. We talked for about fifteen minutes. He had a broken right foot that was in a cast. He said it’d been broken for over a month before it got treated.

“It’s okay though,” he said, “It’s just means more time to read.”

I asked him about not having a home. He laughed. Actually, it was a bit more of a giggle, a mature one though- the kind of giggle a sixty year old homeless World War II Veteran would make if they though something was funny.

“I just get to read all I want!” he said.

I laughed and told him I write. I pulled a copy of my book Into the Wind from my backpack. I asked him who I should make it out to?

“Truck,” he said.

I wrote, “… with love for all you love to do…” inside the cover of the book.

I handed it to him and he read it.

“I laughed when you asked if it’s hard being homeless. Life is hard no matter what. But i believe if we have a good book, or something we love, then life ain’t as bad as they say it is- it’s beautiful.”

“So it’s like the old saying, ‘fill your life with what you love and it’s hard not to love life?”

He nodded. I shook his hand and told him I’d come back to look for him next time I was downtown.

Now I write, reflecting on what I learned from Truck: no matter what you’re going through, there’s something out there that can fill your life with so much pleasure, that it makes all the pain worth it. Everyone has something they enjoy- they just got to take the time to do it. Reading books, writing books, listening to music or making it, working out, surfing, dancing, raising kids, teaching, drawing, gardening, skateboarding or snowboarding, accounting, running or starting a business, and a billion other things… there’s something here for us to get lost in, for us to love…”

About Jake Ducey:

At twenty-one-years-old, Jake is the world’s youngest published inspirational author, and is the Director of Self Reliance Institute, where he has built both a school and an orphanage in San Marcos, Guatemala. Since 2012 Jake has traveled to Guatemala, Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand. His experiences in such countries, after quitting a basketball scholarship and leaving a drug-filled life at 19 years old to wander the world without a map, have become his first full book, “Into the Wind; My Six-Month Journey Wandering the World for Life’s Purpose.”

Buy “Into the Wind” from

Buy “Into the Wind” from

Enjoy Jake’s energy and zest for life by watching his videos and subscribing to his Youtube channel:

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