… and how to get your dream home

So yesterday I told you how my friend, AB, and I, each manifested a FREE holiday.

idealhomeBut it didn’t end there…

Going back to our conversation in August, we had also discussed AB’s need for a bungalow, and a move in general as she wanted to get a dog, and her landlord wouldn’t allow it. I had advised the same kind of relaxation and visualisation techniques. Imagine what you want, imagine you are walking around your perfect bungalow, imagine having your own dog you can enjoy taking for walks. I suggested that maybe she hadn’t got any of the bungalows she had seen so far because they weren’t quite right for her.

So AB focussed and visualised in her imagination the kind of home she wanted to be living in. A bungalow, in a safe neighbourhood, just the right size that she could maintain easily. AB wanted a secure, manageable garden her dog could play in safely. She wanted to be within easy reach of her family, for mutual support.

Within a few months, AB had found, been accepted for, and moved into her ideal home, with all the attributes she wanted, and right across the road from her father, so they could help each other. It then seemed obvious why the previous bungalows she had seen, hadn’t worked out for her, because the universe was lining her up with one that could not have been more perfect for her.

Not only that, but in that time, her father’s poodle had pedigree pups, and she got her very own poodle puppy, who is adorable I might add!

I asked AB, yesterday, when I told her about my blog post, how she felt about Law of Attraction and life in general since she learned about and started applying it in her life, and if she’d like to offer any comments to include in today’s post. Her response…

“Comments? hmmm, nice, kind, grateful, positive thoughts just come so naturally now, yes I have grim days but there’s so much to be grateful for that’s what I think about if need be and the positive, good stuff just continues rolling in, I’m not rich with money but I have such a happy grateful heart that I feel rich beyond my wildest dreams. Oh and I’m always elated when the good stuff happens, not so surprised any more but just thankful.

I am much more chilled about everything now. 2 things I always do, write 5 things I am grateful for every day and if I start getting twisty, driving, in a long queue stuff like that I always ask myself will this matter next week, next month, next year…then I usually smile.”

AB creates her sort of Vision Board by downloading pictures from the internet of things she would like to see in her life. She puts them on a screensaver so the images change every few seconds, and sits and watches them to remind her of her wishes. She added “I was thinking about changing my screen saver pics coz I’ve accomplished them haha”.


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