Addicted to thinking: how do we break the habit?

Addicted to thinking: how do we break the habit?

addicted to thinking
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A bird in a tree is talking to a dog on the ground. The bird is really upset and flustered. The dog asks, “What’s wrong?”. The bird flaps it’s wings and says, “Well I’m thinking about what happened yesterday and I’m worried about the future. What should I do?”. The dog replies, “Stop thinking!”.

It is not the situation that causes our pain, it is our thinking about it.

Eckhart Tolle teaches how to be present in the moment in The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment (UK). He has recently released his new book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (UK).

Addicted to thinking: how do we break the habit?

4 thoughts on “Addicted to thinking: how do we break the habit?”

  1. Looking at thinking as an addiction, and as creating a false sense of self. Very interesting, hadn’t thought of it like that yet. LOL, thinking about thinking now.

    Loved Eckhart’s reply to the original question as well. Even as the man is asking his rather long question, I already had this sense that he’s reading simply out of fear. A fear of not knowing enough, and therefore of not *being* good enough.

    Reading and gathering knowledge are good things to do of course. But not when we do it from a mindset of lack I think.

    Thanks for sharing this video. Di. I almost wrote that it made me think. But that wouldn’t feel right in this context. So I’ll just say, thank you for the insight it provided 😉
    Bart Schroeven recently posted…A Ray of Happiness in WantageMy Profile

    1. Hi Bart, thank you for your always insightful comment.

      I believe some addictive behaviours come from trying to escape one’s own, mostly negative, thinking, e.g. alcoholism, drug addiction. A means of escape, however it only replaces one addiction for another.

      Thinking only seems to be problematic when on the negative side rather than the positive. I can’t imagine anyone complaining, “oh I can’t stop thinking these positive thoughts, they’re driving me crazy”.

      It is blissful though when you can stop the thinking. It allows you to notice so many beautiful things which are missed when we are persistently thinking, for example, I remember spending several afternoons last summer in my local park, just being so present and aware of the wonderful things I saw and heard, the birds singing, the children laughing, watching the ducks on the lake, like a meditation in itself.

      Blessings 🙂
      Dynamo Di recently posted…The problem is not the problem…My Profile

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